Summer Basketball

The people are enjoying their summer holidays, but basketball never stops. And it’s completely normal as it is one of the most popular sports on the planet. It never stops including on international level, where we saw some friendly games being played between national teams of different ages.On Saturday Spain faced Israel in a friendly match and won with 90-70, showing a spectacular dominance over their opponent. Although Israel is far, far away from being a weak team, Spain showed why they have the reputations of one of the best squads in the world. Meanwhile, Netherlands and Portugal also tested their strengths, with Netherlands being the winner – 66-46. In another game of the Saturday friendlies, Austria beat Bulgaria with 91-84. It was a competitive game, but Austrians had the edge.Macedonia also had a reality check against Bosnia, winning this Balkan derby with 71-67. In the same time, Italy U18 faced Montenegro U18 and won with 68-48.On Friday Macedonia and Netherlands faced each other in another friendly game with the Macedonians being once again the winners – 78-72 after extra time. In the same day, Bosnia and Herzegovina beat Portugal with 63-58 in a competitive match.It was a busy week for the Macedonian national team, who also had a game on Thursday. The Balkan team faced Portugal and won with 52-47. Meanwhile, Bosnia and Netherlands played another extra time with Bosnia being the winners – 102-96.On Wednesday it was once again time for a friendly match. Slovakia faced Kosovo and it was not easy for them, but they won with 75-73.In this way, the Slovakians avenged the loss they suffered from Kosovo on Tuesday – 61-69. These two teams offered us two very competitive games, with both of them winning once and losing once.