Malta vs England

Malta hosts England in a match from Group F of the World Cup qualifiers.This is a typical game between the last and the first team in a group. Which tells you who is the favorite and who is the underdog.England is leading this group with 14 points being won so far. Their record is four wins and two draws, with a goal difference being 10:2. In their last game they made a wrong step during the 2-2 draw with Scotland, but most likely they are going to win this group and qualify directly for the World Cup in Russia. They are clearly the best team in this group.As for Malta, this is a very bad campaign for them. So far they are unable to win even one point from six games being played. They have six losses from six games and a goal difference of 2:15. In their last game, Malta lost against Slovenia with 0-2 away from home.Malta’s performance is a little bit surprising because they were showing some signs of improvement in recent years. It was expected that they’d at least win some points in this group, but it’s not happening so far. For them, it’d be a major disappointment to finish the campaign without a single point being won.England on the other hand must continue winning if they want to qualify directly for the World Cup. So far they are going unbeaten in the qualifiers, which is always very good. Nobody doubts that they are going to win against Malta, even if the match is away from home. The Three Lions are clearly the better team and most likely they are going to show it on the pitch. We expect to see them winning this group and qualifying directly for the World Cup.