Finland – Turkey

Finland hosts Turkey in a match from Group I of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe.This is a match without any meaning for both teams. Finland knows that they are going to finish their campaign at 5th place, while Turkey knows that they can’t qualify for the World Cup after the home loss against Iceland.Right now Turkey has 14 points, while Croatia and Ukraine have 17. They play against each other in the final round, so one of them will reach the playoffs. For Turkey, it remains to concentrate on the qualifiers for the Euro 2020.It’s disappointing for the Turkish team because they really had the opportunity to do something better in this group. If they have won against Iceland at home, they would be in a great position to win one of the first two spots in the group. But instead of this, Turkey suffered a heavy 0-3 loss which ended all of their hopes.So far Turkey has a record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. They have lost two of their last three games, which explains their downfall in this group. You can’t perform like that in the most decisive time of the campaign and hope that you can reach your goals.As for Finland, they took the place which everyone else was seeing them at – only above the absolute underdog in the group Kosovo. The Scandinavian team has a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses in the group. They surprised everyone in their last game when they sensationally won a point during the visit to Croatia. They are in a good mental place for the match against Turkey, especially after a terrific result like this. Can they continue to perform in this way against Turkey as well?